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"The InSimenator"

You can do many, many things with this program including:

* Motive Adjustor,  Personality Adjustor, Skills Adjustor, Interests Adjustor, Quick Relations, Health Adjustor, Wardrobe Adjustor, Career Adjusitor, Education Adjustor, Aspiration Adjustor.

The new release of InSIMenator for Bon Voyage has was posted on Sept. 23, 2007

This InSIMenator site is no longer there - but I have uploaded a copy or the last version that I have. There is no support for it, so I recommend that you save your Sims 2 file before installing it & then put it in it`s own folder (in downloads file) so that you can take it back out if you want to.  I have been using it for a long time.  It is great. 

 The only problem that I have found is that with newer expansion packs (after Bon Voyage), when I go to a community lot & can`t save or return to my home lot again. Taxi comes - but can`t leave, but since I have enough cheats that I can do everything from the home lot, I don`t worry about that anymore. . . Also in beach lots, it will add extra things to the lot & I have to keep deleting them. So do a backup of your game before installing it. The InSIMenator is no longer supported by the creator, but I still like using it.

Click here to download `InSIMenator v2.9 SIM Edition`

 Many other game modes are available at

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Updated April 13, 2016

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