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Sims 2 Kringle Family                  

   December 24, 2014

Residential Lot

Kringle Family on an Empty Lot

Move them into your Family Bin & then into the lot of your choice.

OR build on the empty Lot.

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Kringle Family Home Business
House, Skating Rink and Gift Shop
with a Penguin Fenced area

Interior of Gift Shop - with snack area and bathrooms.
Fenced in Penquin pen is shown behind the gift shop. Ice rink is to the left of Gift Shop.
Have to open a home business on the computer to start up the Gift Shop - so need "Open for Business" expansion pack OR "The Ultimate"
I have the Ultimate installed on my computer, so if you don't have all the service packs, everything might not shop up correctly.  There is custom content in this lot.  If something flashes blue, it means that you don't have what is needed for it to show up correctly.  Just delete the blue flashing item & replace it with something that you do have.
The Penguins for the pen can be downloaded here.
Main floor of House - Livingroom, Kitchen, Dining area, Bedroom and Bathroom
Upstairs of house -  4 bedrooms & a bathroom plus lots of extra room to develop.

Kringle Family wearing Outerwear

Come back soon!

Updated April 13, 2016

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